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Amabella editors Zemira & Davina

Each month, we’re going to share some of our best finds around the web.  This list includes new posts, old favorites, and tidbits our editors have been enjoying this month. We are always searching the web for visual inspirations, following our favorite dancers, watching performances, instructionals, and DIY videos.  We hope that you find this collection of links fun and informative!

Dawn Devine ~ Davina &
Zemira aka Alisha Westerfeld –
Sept. 3, 2017

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Taking it Off!  A Guide to Removing Stage Makeup from your Face, Body, and Costumes by Princess Farhana


Top tips and tricks from an industry pro who KNOWS the ins and outs of putting on, and in this article, taking off belly dance stage makeup.


10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know
Santa Maria Bellydance Academy


Practically every dance instructor has a list of “songs every dancer should know.”  Here’s a list by belly dance instructor Helen Santa Maria of the UK.


Costume Design Approach: Line and Cluster from Studio Davina by Dawn Devine

Pink-Rhinestone-On-Stand.jpgIf you are a maker of costumes, you will enjoy this article where Davina presents the Line and Cluster approach to designing with sew-on flat back and chain rhinestones.


How to Learn Choreography Like a Pro
Abigale Keyes

Learn-Choreography.pngProfessional performer and instructor Abigail Keyes presents a fantastic approach to approaching a new choreography.  A great read for instructors, troupe members.


How to Get an Amazing Performance Photo – Cheat!
Lets Bellydance USA Blog

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.09.12 PM.png.pngIn our social media driven world, excellent performance photography is essential. Triple threat pro, instructor, performer, and author, Sara Shrapnell reveals her best tips for getting excellent photos for use on your blog and social media channels.


BLOOPERS – Belly Dance Anywhere – Datura Online

Datura Online presents a Blooper Reel on YouTube

Enjoy this whimsical collection of outtakes and bloopers from the Datura studio in Portland Oregon.  Artistic Director Rachel Brice and her team of outstanding instructors prove that our dance heroes are human too!


Six Ways to do Belly Dance “Basic Egyptian”
Mahin’s Belly Dance Quickies

If you’re new to dance, this is a great approach for adding variety to a basic footwork pattern.  If you’re an instructor, this mini lesson might inspire a class or two to share with your students.  If you’re in a troupe, all of these moves are precise and elegant and would look stunning in a group performance.   https://youtu.be/mgJEF1n869U

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.01.52 PM.png.png

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