In our first edition, we featured an excellent article on performing a “Website Spring Clean.”  If you checked out this article and are looking for another step to kick up the professional look of your website is to make your site more uniform.  Using the same presentation elements including fonts, image styles, indentation methods, and even how you sign your name on blog posts, will provide the reader with a cohesive experience.  The easiest way to achieve a higher level of uniformity in your site is to use a tool that professional designers use a style sheet or guide. Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 7.03.28 PM.png

In larger companies, this guide is used by teams to create a cohesive and consistent look.  Everyone on the team can refer to the guide and literally be, on the same page. Every website is different, so each style sheet is totally unique.  So no two examples look the same.

Alison Marshall of Wonderlass has created this excellent blog post that steps the reader through the process of developing a style guide for their brand.  She will explain why it’s important to choose brand colors, fonts, and photo styles to create a more professional website experience.   Read More on Alison’s website

Alison Marshall's Guide to a Killer Style Sheet

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