Hello, my dancer friends,  AmabellaV0-Cover-Web.pngJust wanted to thank everyone who took a moment to check out Amabella Magazine on the Issuu.com publication sharing platform.  While I’ve always wanted to create beautiful, full-color magazines, it wasn’t until I found the Issuu website that I realized that I could really do it!  As I poked around the Issuu website, I found several other belly dance centric magazines, that inspired the creation of Amabella.

Belly Dance is a Global Art

The beauty of being part of a large international website is the access to international titles you may never have heard of.  I’ve found magazines from such far-flung places as Australia and Italy, Mexico, and Brazil.  And while I  may not be able to read Portuguese, and my Italian is a bit rusty, I can still enjoy the photos!

Build a Magazine Stack

If you checked out Amabella directly on the Issuu site, you will have noticed that you can set up and account and build a “Stack.”  This is their method for saving a collection of titles.  If you choose, you can make your stack public, and then other people searching for similar content and easily find things pre-gathered together.

Selections from the Amabella Stack

If you are interested in checking out the Issuu website but don’t know where to really start, we’ve picked a few of our favorite examples of magazines and publishing projects that are currently available on the Issuu website.  Simply scroll down to take a look.  Any of these publications below are a great jumping off point.  And, if you go directly to the Issuu site, be sure to try searching using variations of spellings in the title.  For instance, the term belly dance will turn up different search results than bellydance.

Enjoy exploring!

Dawn Devine ~ Davina – Editor

—— Titles from the Amabella Magazine belly dance stack.

Dondi’s Belly Dance Super Star Diaries

Fuse Magazine – Issue 12 (US)

Belly Dance Oasis – Issue 46 (Australia)

Rakasse – Second Edition (Spanish)

Sharqi – Issue 4 (Italian)


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