costumers-notes-magazine-2013Hello, and welcome to the Amabella Magazine website.  Our mission is to bring you beautiful,  informative, and useful articles and information from the industry leaders of the belly dance world.  Our issues are available for free digitally from the Issuu website.

We are currently building our editorial team before we begin production on our first digital publication.  Leading our team is a trio, composed of author Sara Shrapnell, publisher Dawn Devine, and photographer Alisha Westerfeld. We look forward to finding a few key individuals to help round out our team as we look forward to releasing our first issue summer 2017.

The three all worked on “Costumer’s Notes” which is available on Issuu today.  This publication gives you an idea of the production quality this team can achieve!   We are excited and looking forward to sharing our love of the dance with you, our readers.